Rich has left the building

Tradeshow marketing expert Rich Westerfield has signed off on his TSMI blog. His voice, his thoughts, and his continual pushing against the boundaries of tradeshow business as usual will be missed, but I appreciate that he feels it's time to move on.

As Rich says in a comment on the Tradeshow Blues Blog:

    It's time for me begin putting those principles into practice on an actual event instead of tossing pebbles at the bedroom windows of the big media show organizers hoping they'll wake up and notice me standing outside in the dark.

    There are two offers I'm currently considering, both of which give me oversight of events and community. One's an established association, the other would be a launch in a market that's long overdue for my particular brand of electroshock therapy.

    When the time is right for me to re-enter the blogosphere, it won't be a secret. But for now, it's time to let go of TSMR and move on.

Here's to new directions and electroshock therapy—and to making change happen. Now if I want to hear Rich's ideas, I guess I'll have to trek to Mt. Lebanon, Pa., and visit him in person at Aldo Coffee, which I hear is the place to be. Good luck and godspeed, Rich.

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