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Reviews are in for JetBlue's WiFi service

and they're not all that great. Take this one from CNet News, which starts like this:

    The biggest problem with JetBlue's inaugural "BetaBlue" flight, equipped with Yahoo and BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging, was the fact that there aren't power outlets on board the aircraft.

I'm with Jason over at InFlightHQ on this one:

    If I were running an airline, I’d be approaching my service offerings by asking myself a question: if someone put me in a room for six hours and allowed me to bring only what I could easily carry on my person, what would I want in that room?

    The list is pretty short, and in order of importance:

    * A bathroom

    * A power outlet

    * The internet

    * Snacks

    You got that, I’m happy.

I'd put snacks above power outlets and the Internet in the hierarchy, and add a book, but that does pretty much nail it. Oh, and getting there safely.

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