Revenue idea for associations

I just read an AP story this morning about how the Meredith Grey-Derek Shepherd wedding-to-be (from the TV show Grey's Anatomy and yes, I admit I watch it avidly) has its own Web site. I know, I know, pretty dorky and it has nothing to do with anything to do with meetings. Or does it?

In lieu of gifts, the make-believe bride and groom are asking for donations to three associations that are related to story lines on the show: the American Academy of Neurology Foundation, the American Skin Association, and the Alzheimer's Association.

Hopefully this tie-in will generate some good donations for these organizations. What is going on in the greater cultural wasteland that you can tie into your organization and/or your meeting? From the article, it sounds like people on the show side came up with this one, but I bet if you come up with an interesting way to tie what you do into something that will benefit you and the other party, both could win.

Just had to mention this as I thought it was pretty brilliant, in a goopy, soap opera-y way.

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