Revenge of the pet peeve

I just read on about Ian Urbina's recent excellent story about coping with life's annoyances that ran in the New York Times, and how he's looking to collect a few more stories along those lines. OK planners, I just know you all have come up with some creative ways to deal with life's little irritations--if you do, just e-mail Ian with your stories. A few ideas to get you going, from Boing Boing:

  • Why must phone bills be so indecipherable - and ripe with mystery charges and obfuscating language. Since the letters they send are in gibberish, why not write them back in their native tongue? Anyone done this or something equally irrational but cathartic?
  • Emails sent to the wrong person. It happens so easily and can be extremely embarrassing. Has anyone gone to extreme lengths to try to avoid the fallout after making this mistake? I've heard of a guy who mistakenly emailed out the payroll list to all the employees and when he realized his error, he pulled the building's fire alarm to buy himself time to track down the tech guy who could reverse the email. Anyone done anything similar?
  • He says he's collected enough anti-spam, anti-telemarketer or anti-junk mail tactics, but otherwise, it's wide open.

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