Respect the white space

More about the "more is better" conference model I wrote about earlier, where the organizers cram so much into the allotted time that there's no time to reflect, or talk with colleagues, or do anything other than passively sit there and attempt to soak it all in. As always, Kathy Sierra has beautifully encapsulated the problem, and the solution, on this post on Creating Passionate Users.

    real learning takes place between exposures to content! Long-term memory from learning happens after the training. The space between the lessons and practice is where the learning is made permanent. If we don't leave that space, new content keeps rushing in to overwrite the previous content, before the learner's brain has a chance to pause, reflect, and synthesize the proteins needed for long-term memory storage.

Designers forget this when they use every available bit of white space on a brochure. Writers do it when we go on and on. Even meeting planners do it when they schedule session after grueling session. Let's respect that white space where real learning happens.

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