Resolving conflicts of interest

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey: I thought this article from the AMA might be of general interest -

Resolving conflict of interest. CPPD Report 2005; 17(Fall):1-2.

Excerpt: The American Medical Association's (AMA) CPPD report is usually the forum to discuss what's new with the AMA PRA credit system. In this article, however, we thought it would be helpful to share our experience as an accredited provider navigating the resolution of conflict of interest (COI). As with all accredited providers, we have had to find a way to identify and resolve COIs in order to comply with the ACCME's Standards for Commercial Support (SCS). We offer our experience as one more example that may prove useful to other providers.

Our first step was to upgrade our disclosure form by shifting its focus to identify only the financial relationships that were truly relevant according to the new definition, and in relation to the content. We were thus easily able to make our disclosure form a more accurate and useful screening tool for identifying potential COIs. However, we then faced the larger question that all accredited providers are grappling with: once identified, how do we actually resolve potential conflicts?

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