Religous group gets the boot

A hotel boots a religious meeting because of potential protests. After the group held a meeting there the previous year with no apparant problems (otherwise, why would they be coming back? And why would the hotel have accepted the program to begin with--the contract was signed last August?).

No, they're not Muslim, or Catholic, or Baptist, for that matter. That would be too un-PC. They're Wiccans looking to celebrate the passage of winter into spring. In what way does that threaten people to the point of threatening boycotts and protests at the property in question? Especially when the CVB said it wasn't aware of any threats against the program or the inn. From the article: "Although the Wiccan church has been refused at other hotels in the past due to availability or space considerations, Wise said this was the first time a contract has not been honored."

I smell a lawsuit brewing...

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