Regulatory IQ test, part 4

Here s a couple more Q&As from the "What s your regulatory IQ" session at the recent Alliance for CME meeting. (The questions aren t word for word, but I tried to get as close as possible to how the presenters posed them.)

Question: It is appropriate to invite someone employed by a pharmaceutical company to serve as faculty at an accredited CME activity?

1. Yes

2. No

About a third of the audience, polled by an audience response system, said no, and 22 percent said yes (the correct answer). The presenters said that faculty can be pharma, as long as they don t promote their products. "Scientific rigor and balance is the key," said one, adding that it is not appropriate to have someone from pharma be the sole faculty for a CME activity that features his company s products.

Question: Can a product manager be present for a slide review?

1. Yes, but they can t influence the faculty

2. No

3. They can review the content prior to faculty presenting the material.

The audience came down 77 percent for the first answer, 15 percent for the second, and just 8 percent for the third.

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