Reflective writing, and continuing development of nurses' professional clinical practice

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey:

Here are two new articles from the nursing literature:

Craft M. Reflective writing and nursing education. J Nurs Educ 2005; 44(2):53-57.

Abstract: Reflective writing is a valued tool for teaching nursing students and for documentation, support, and generation of nursing knowledge among experienced nurses. Expressive or reflective writing is becoming widely accepted in both professional and lay publications as a mechanism for coping with critical incidents. This article explores reflective writing as a tool for nursing education.



Henderson A, Winch S, Henney R, McCoy R, Grugan C. 'Working from the inside': an infrastructure for the continuing development of nurses' professional clinical practice. J Nurs Manag 2005; 13(2):106-110.

Aim: This paper describes how the nursing executive of a tertiary referral facility revisited their management structures and responsibilities to create a new, sustainable infrastructure that supports research and education at the core of nursing practice

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