Reflections on this Year’s Alliance for CME Conference (#acme2011)

Is it just me, or was there a really incredible energy around this year's Alliance for Continuing Medical Education conference? I don't remember ever leaving the conference feeling so hopeful about the future of the CME enterprise, or about the Alliance’s ability to lead its members into that future. Actually, I know it’s not just me, because everyone I spoke with, both on site in San Francisco last week and on the phone since, has mentioned it without me even asking. There was a palpable sense of empowerment, of being able to finally start doing more of what we’ve been talking about at these conferences for so long.

I'm not sure what to attribute it to: The Alliance's new strategic plan, mission, and vision? The overall excellence of the content presented? The forays into social media (where even the Alliance’s new president, George Mejicano, MD, aka @badgergeorge, was Twittering live from the dais)? The fact that, for a change, the community isn't reeling from fresh-off-the-presses media attacks or new regulatory requirements and could focus on being proactive about learning and doing instead of reacting and just trying to survive with your accreditation status intact? Whatever the reason, I hope the Alliance will be able to sustain and build upon this newly energized community as it carries through its new strategic plan.

I'd also like to thank the Alliance staff and volunteers who put this experience together for us. I know it may not have seemed like it at times, but from this participant's perspective, it was worth all that work you put into it. Consider this your virtual standing ovation!

P.S. What do you think of the Alliance’s new strategic plan? Do you have comments, questions, or ideas for what the organization’s new name should be? I know you'll be peppering the Alliance with comments, but I’d love to hear your thoughts too—please e-mail me or drop a comment below. I'm putting together an article on it and could use your help, as always. Thanks!

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