Red-faced in London

Authorities at Heathrow must not be too happy now that the news is out about an undercover reporter being able to sneak past security and all the way to an airplane's door. Then airing the film on the nightly news. Ouch.

    The British Airports Authority and the Department for Transport have launched an investigation into security weaknesses at Heathrow. BAA admitted in a statement that there had been a lapse in security and had taken immediate action to tighten security procedures. A spokesman said: "Safety and security are the top priorities at Heathrow. We are constantly seeking ways to maintain an effective barrier between the landside and airside parts of the airport, and to remain alert to any potential vulnerabilities.

    "On the basis of the information provided by Sky News, it would appear that there is room for improvement in this particular area of the airport and we have already taken steps to address that."

And it probably could just as easily been O'Hare, or Logan, or any other airport, I believe. We still have a long way to go to secure our transportation systems.

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