Recent history lessons

We at Medical Meetings magazine are working now to put together the industry response to the new ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and the related guidance documents released just last week. In the meantime, for those who aren't regular readers of our magazine, or who just want a refresher on the recent history of the evolution of the new Standards, here are some articles you might find interesting:

New Standards:

New Standards Under Fire (letter to the editor, July/August 2004)

Don't Relax Yet (June 2004)

Support the New Standards (June 2004)

Cheers for New Standards (June 2004)

ACCME Board of Directors Gives Thumbs-up to New Standards (April 2004>

New Standards: The Cost of Waiting (January 2004)

Previous Draft Standards:

Gag Rules (June 2003)

Continuing Medical Education Community Critiques Proposed New Rules (May 2003)

Mission Impossible (March 2003)

ACCME Releases New Standards for Commercial Support (January 2003)

General climate:

The Party's Over (December 2003)

CME at Risk (editorial, July 2004)

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