Random thoughts

Random thought #1: Why is it that we know all the words when we sing along with a song on the radio, but could never in a million years remember them if we tried to sing them on our own? It's like when we learn how to cook something from reading a recipe, we forever will have to refer back to the recipe, no matter how many times we make it, but if we make a dish up, we remember it without writing it down? There have to be some adult learning implications here, but darned if I know what they might be.

Random thought #2: Why is it that, after receiving a piece of spam with no opt-out option, people hit "reply all" when they try to unsubscribe? Even weirder is all the people who then figure it out and hit reply all to tell people to stop hitting reply all. This just happened to me, and the 20 e-mails saying "stop sending me this" were infinitely more annoying than the original spam. Again, this says something about how we learn, but I'm not sure exactly what.

OK, back to work...

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