Put the PGI rumors to rest

Rumors have been flying lately about a merger between event planning giant PGI and Carlson Marketing Group, but the word is now official: It didn't happen. At a press teleconference this week, PGI announced that merger talks with a still-undisclosed company fell through. But the biggest news was that it was closing eight of its 28 offices (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Philadelphia, Palm Beach, Fla., Orange County, Calif., and Athens, Greece) and laying off 50 people in its destination management arm. Its DMC services are rolling back into its event management operation--this just a year or so after it spun out its two service sections into separate brands. Now the whole kit and kaboodle will go by PGI The Strategic Events Agency. Destination management business currently booked at the now-closed offices will be absorbed by the events division.

Time to update your Web site, guys. The home page still reads, "PGI's two divisions -
Strategic Events and Destinator by PGI - are perfectly positioned to create, produce and manage every facet of your event, environment and interactive experience."

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