Publicizing webinars

It can be hard to get the word out about a webinar, webcast, podcast, or streaming feed, but the good news is that it may have just gotten a bit easier. WebEventSearch.com, which currently is a beta testing, lets you list your event, along with key words potential attendees can use to find just the topic you're addressing. People also can search by date range, speaker, presenting company, whether it's free or fee-based, if it requires WIndows or supports multiple operating systems, and more. It also automatically deletes listings after their date, and has a bunch of other bells and whistles that sound pretty cool to me. And, while it's in beta testing, you can list your events for free.

Of course, the more listings the site gets, the more useful it will be. Still, I'd give some serious thought to listing webinars there, even in its beginning phase (especially since it's free for now). Unfortunately, we don't have any coming up in the immediate future.

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