On hearing that Starwood, which includes the Sheraton, Westin and W Hotels brands, has hired former Coca-Cola exec Steven Heyer to take over the top spot from company founder Barry S. Sternlicht, an old refrain started running through my head and new lyrics kept popping in. So, to exorcise this little demon from my consciousness, I wanted to inflict it on you. With apologies to Coke...

I'd like to buy the world a room

And furnish it with smiles

A Westin Heavenly Bed

For every sleepy head

Who's feeling those traveled miles

(da dum dum dum)

I'd like teach the world to meet

In perfect harmony

AV with no glitch

F&B with no hitch

And it won't take all your money

It's the Starwood thing

What the guests want today

For those on their way

This is where they will stay

It's the Starwood thing

OK, that's pretty pathetic. Can you come up with some better lyrics?

And for you youngsters who have no idea what I'm babbling about, click here for the real lyrics and a rendition of Coke's legendary jingle that made Mrs. Herbert make sure her music class sang the words "furnish it" with very, very careful pronounciation.

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