Promo tips for different demographics

If you're trying to promote your meeting to a certain demographic, be sure you do it right, according to this article in Promo. For example, don't go overboard trying to be hip in your brochure if you want to attract 20-somethings: "if you ask today's youth what marketers are doing wrong, it's that they are trying to hit what is currently hip and new. If it's already on MTV, it's already been played out," [Ola Mobolade, director, Greenfield Consulting Group] said. "I call it the Tom Brokaw rule—once he says something on the nightly news, it's not edgy anymore."

And if you're marketing to seniors, avoid glossy paper:

    "The worst thing you can do is target seniors with a flier that is on a glossy piece of paper," said Kurt Medina, president, Medina Associates, Rose Valley, PA. "Seniors have a higher sensitivity to glare."

    Medina added that the yellowing of the human lens also makes it harder for seniors to see blue, green and purple, and that less light gets to the eye as well.

    "And never put copy over an illustration," she said. "That message is not going to be seen."

Well, I've learned my new thing for today.

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