Primedia Business sold

I have successfully avoided talking about this all day, but I guess it's time to bite the bullet.

A few weeks ago, I wondered what would happen when our company got sold. Now I get to find out: Primedia has sold Primedia Business (which includes the five Meetings Group magazines) to Wasserstein & Co., LP, through its U.S. Equity Partners II, LP investment partnership.

The sale will be completed at some point this fall. I have no idea what this will mean to me, my colleagues, or our magazines and Web sites, but I'm hoping that it's all good. Everything should be pretty much status quo until the ink is dry in a few months. We had some pretty huge (for us) changes when Primedia bought us from Adams Business Media, some of which turned out to be positive, some not so positive, and some just administrative. Who knows what the future may bring—wish us luck!

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