Pri-Med offers "connected office"

Pri-Med did something interesting in its Southwest Conference & Exhibition at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston recently: It offered physicians a chance to experience a "connected office" that featured Hewlett-Packard hardware and eClinical Works, GE Healthcare and WebMD Practice Services software systems designed for

physician practices. According to a press release, it "enables the more than 4,000 attendees to simulate the use of wireless communications and electronic medical records systems in a real-world clinical practice environment."

    In the Practice Solutions Showcase, clinicians participate in demonstrations of systems designed to increase efficiencies and support higher quality care through the use of Electronic Medical Records and mobile hardware such as Tablet PCs and PDAs. Attendees experience how patient records can be electronically retrieved and how new data entered by the physician automatically updates patient files and billing and insurance claim forms.

What a great idea. If nothing else, it gives people a chance to lust for something that works much better, one would hope, than the current EMRs most organizations use, if any. Effective for the manufacturers, too, especially if they can create some "brand evangelists" who go back home and lobby hard for the new systems.

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