A practical guide to calculating and using effect size for CME programs

Please turn your attention to a blog called AssessCME, where Jason Olivieri, MPH, is sharing his expertise in assessing needs and outcomes in a succinct, practical, useful way. I particularly wanted to point to a series he started a few months ago on calculating and using effect size for CME programs:

Calculating Effect Size for Your Activities, in which Jason introduces us to the concept of Cohen's d, and how it can help slice and dice all that outcomes data into something you can use.

Calculating Effect Size, Part II, in which Jason applies Cohen's d to a real-life example and gave some hints on how to interpret the results.

Effect size, Part III: Putting It All Together, in which he shows how you can use effect size data to demonstrate the effectiveness of your CME program, thereby meeting the ACCME's accreditation Criterion 11.

What, More About Effect Size?. Just when you thought there was nothing more to say on the topic, Jason talks about how to apply Cohen d to other scenarios.

Even math-phobics like me can follow along!

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