Poppa’s got a brand new bag—because the airline lost his old one

According the [email protected],

    You may want to stick to carry-on luggage the next time you fly. The federal government is now responsible for checked luggage and complaints are soaring, reports the Los Angeles Daily News. To make matters worse, passengers are finding it increasingly difficult to settle their complaints, according to the article. At least 15,000 passenger claims remain unresolved as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) squabbles with the airlines over who is responsible for reimbursing fliers for missing, lost, and — perhaps — stolen luggage. Airlines dispute the TSA estimate of outstanding claims, saying the real total is closer to 27,000.

But you don’t really have to resort to all carry-on or UPS to ship your bags to make sure they too get where you're going: Check out these tips from smarterliving.com.

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