Poll results: Journals beat CME as info sources

According to the Hospital Readership Survey 2005, "Medical journals are more important sources of information to doctors than sponsored meetings and company reps." Some results:

    How useful do you find the following in your work as a doctor?

    MEDICAL JOURNALS Very useful 55% Quite useful 39% Not very useful 3% Not at all useful n/a Don't know n/a

    COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE Very useful 4% Quite useful 41% Not very useful 38% Not at all useful 12% Don't know 1%

    SPONSORED MEETINGS Very useful 19% Quite useful 56% Not very useful 18% Not at all useful 2% Don't know 1%

    INTERNET/CD-ROMS Very useful 25% Quite useful 41% Not very useful 19% Not at all useful 6% Don't know 5%

    MEDICAL EDUCATION (e.g. BOOKLETS) Very useful 38% Quite useful 52% Not very useful 6% Not at all useful 1% Don't know 1%

Update: Thanks to Irwin, here's a link to the survey. Also, he points out that it was done in the U.K., and results could be different for U.S.-based docs. Sorry about the broken link! I'm trying to find one that works.

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