Poll on rates and online strategies

There's an interesting poll up on Hospitality Net today:

Online Discounting Of Room Rates: What's Your Current Strategy?

We still depend on selling discounted rooms 44%

We currently keep our rates at constant level 31%

We are gradually raising rates 25%

I keep hearing about how hotels are moving away from fire-rate sales on the Internet, but from this poll, it looks like a lot are still dumping blocks on discount sites. Sigh.

In other depressing news from Hospitality Net: The threat of terrorism is growing for hotels:

    While Dr. Cetron’s warnings are serious, he does not offer a doomsday scenario. Instead, he says, “Under the circumstances, it seems necessary to weigh the industry’s vulnerabilities and see what can be done about them.” He assures the reader that, “Hospitality security need not be taken to extremes to accomplish its purpose. It just has to be good enough to send would-be terrorists in search of softer targets.”

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