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Planner or participator: Is that really a question?

Are meeting planners among the most devoted meeting-goers, or would they rather just stay home? I was just reading this post by Seth Godin about insurance agents who don't have insurance themselves, nonprofit workers who don't give to charities other than their own, and waiters who don't tip, and it made me wonder if there are any meeting planners who aren't among the most avid meeting-goers around.

Of course, I only meet those who do go to industry conferences and events at industry conferences and events, so those I've spoken with at PCMA or ASAE say they wouldn't miss the chance to learn from what their associations are doing with their events, from talking with their peers, and possibly even a nugget or two from the sessions. But what about those who don't like to go to meetings, yet spend practically their every waking hour planning them? Do such creatures exist?

That'd be like a magazine editor who never cracked a magazine -- how would you ever know what cool new things were happening?

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