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Physicians & the pharmaceutical industry

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey:

If you would like to explore what the biomedical journals are publishing on the issue of physicians and the pharmaceutical industry, here are five easy steps that will help you explore PubMed:

Step 1:

Click on PubMed

Step 2:

Copy and paste the following search strategy into the PubMed Search box and click Go:

((industry[ti] OR company[ti] OR companies[ti]) AND (pharmaceutical[ti] OR drug[ti] OR drugs[ti] OR funding[ti] OR drug industry[mh])) AND (physician[ti] OR physicians[ti] OR doctor[ti] OR doctors[ti] OR gift[ti] OR gifts[ti] OR gift giving[mh] OR ethics[ti] OR ethical [ti] OR conflict of interest[mh] OR (conflict[ti] AND interest[ti]))

Step 3:

As you explore your results, click on the abstracts you are interested in and then place them in your Clipboard. To do this, click Send to (right side, under the search box) and choose Clipboard from the drop down menu.

Step 4:

As you find interesting abstracts, click on Related Articles (far right of individual records) and continue to explore.

Step 5:

After you have finished collecting records, click on Clipboard (under the search box) to review your results. From here you can Send to Text, File or E-mail.

More features:

To view the records that include abstracts and MeSH Terms [Medical Subject Headings], choose Citation Display or Format.

To find MeSH terms, click on MeSH Database under PubMed Services (far left of the screen).

To see how the PubMed search engine has handled your search strategy, click on Details (far right, under the search box).

To see what you've done during your search session, click on History (under the search box).

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