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Phillippines webcasts virtual OR

According to the Manila Bulletin Online, the Philippines first virtual operating room webcast was a success. "What made this significant is that Webcast technology was not used for a marketing pitch. Rather to present an actual man on the street scenario of a 31-year-old male diagnosed with parotid cancer and how a team of surgeons surgically managed the problem."

    The landmark event in Philippines was highly interesting and interactive. The first virtual O.R. began with the showing of the footage of an actual case procedure, complemented with real time discussion by noted surgeon Art dela Peña, consultant of the Division of Surgical Oncology/Head & Neck Surgery of the Department of Surgery, UP-Philippine General Hospital. Thereafter a forum ensued...

    [Cardiologist Beaver Tamesis said] "With real time discussion from surgeons from different parts of the country, we hope to stimulate the exchange of different viewpoints, much to the learning of all and to the advancement of medical knowledge."

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