Pharmaceutical Meeting Management Forum is just a week away

It may be snowing right now here in Massachusetts(!), but more than the vernal equinox tells me spring really is on the waythe 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Management Forum is just a week away. I know, Medical Meetings cosponsors the conference with The Center for Business Intelligence, so I might be a tad biased, but it's going to be really good this year.

In addition to learning all about strategic meeting management, from the basics to some really high-level implementation ideas, and a bunch of networking opps, we're also doing some really cool sessions on things like social media, led by our columnist, Brian S. McGowan, PhD, who I think is one seriously brilliant guy; and virtual and hybrid meetings led by Jeff Hurt and Dave Lutz from Velvet Chainsaw Consulting (two more seriously brilliant guys). Of course, there also will be lots of info on state and federal rules and regs, along with tips on how to stay in compliance. Check out the agenda for all the session details.

One thing I'm really excited about is that Boston's Improv Asylum is going to be joining in a session on advancing your career, and in the final general session. From their clips, I think they'll inject some energy and fun into it, too.

So if you're a meeting planner in the pharma, medical device, or other life sciences-related industry, I hope to see you next week in Philadelphia!

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