Pfizer-Wyeth merger: what it may mean for meetings

While of course no one's talking on record, my colleague Rachel Eccles managed to dig up some information about the potential impact of the Pfizer-Wyeth merger on its meetings and medical meetings department.

What I want to know is the potential impact it will have on its CME granting, and those in that department. One has to assume that is going to be streamlined as well, with cutbacks. Has anyone heard anything? If so, drop me a line (it'd be confidential, of course, and just to appease my curiousity, not for publication).

I haven't yet tried to get an official statement, but I'm guessing that, until it all shakes out anyway, I'd get the same kind of answer Rachel did: “I can tell you that Pfizer is continuing to evaluate its global workforce, which includes our medical meetings group, to determine how best to support patients and customers, support our businesses, and operate at a cost-competitive level.”

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