PDAs gain traction at medical events

According to an article on BizBash.com, while PDAs aren t in widespread use in most types of events, "Experts say PDAs have nearly become must-haves for some events in technology, medicine, and education."

One event it cites is the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in New Orleans, which used Bluefish Wireless to allow a portion of the attendees to download information about the show, "including a fully searchable show guide, to their PDAs from some 30 wireless access points. [The company] also helped Alexandria, Virginia-based ASCO design a Web portal that enables attendees to synchronize news updates to their PDAs on a daily basis after the conference. Most of these doctors don't have five minutes to visit a Web site, he explains. It's much easier for them to get [information] on their PDAs. And this way [ASCO] can generate a brand on a person's Palm all the time. "

Still, it sounds like just over a fifth of the attendees used the system, so it s unclear whether it would be worth doing for a smaller event and ASCO s in undoubtedly one of the larger conferences. Would you consider using a similar system for a large event?

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