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PCMA provides way to donate tradeshow products

PCMA has partnered with Gifts In Kind International. From the press release:

    Through the program, PCMA members holding events in the United States or Canada can easily donate exhibit product and samples to Gifts In Kind International at the close of their events. Gifts In Kind will handle all aspects of product donation, from communicating with exhibitors to researching the recipient charity and facilitating the distribution of the donated items. In addition, donors can avoid the cost of reshipping exhibit product and may qualify for a significant tax deduction.

Sounds like a good and painless way to reduce the post-show swag pile and do some good at the same time. Still, my first thought on reading this (and yes, I know I'm strange) is whether Gifts In Kind ever goes by the GIKI acronym? Just say it a few times, GIKI, GIKI, GIKI...kind of fun, isn't it? Like easy donations.

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