PCMA: NOLA at daybreak

I've seen New Orleans just before daybreak before, but I have to say I got a different perspective this time when I had just gotten up instead of heading back to the hotel after a long night! I'm proud of myself for getting up at 5 to do the fun walk/run, and even prouder of actually running the whole route, and in just under 20 minutes no less (a runner I am most definitely not!). Met some great people, too, though I doubt many were at Party with a Purpose last night. We saw a few folks stumbling out of the bar, and the looks on their faces were priceless as this herd of people thundered by. Thought about stopping at Cafe du Monde for a beignet, but restrained myself.

I'm semi looking forward to this morning's general session with Jeremy Siegel from the Wharton School. He'll be talking about the economy—and some people thought yesterday's opening general session was depressing! After that, the plan is to stop by the Bite-size learning session in the Pavilion to learn about green standards and certifications, then to a session on crisis management. I'll try to check in later, but I don't think I'll be dragging my laptop down to the convention center again. For some reason I was having no luck at all getting a signal in the "i-coves" (little alcoves tucked away here and there that supposedly are hot spots. Maybe it's just me.). So, I'll try to be short and sweet at the cyber cafe instead.

Enough rambling—time to get moving.

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