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PCMA 2011 -- let the wild rumpus begin!

I finally made it to Vegas, baby, for the 2011 Professional Convention Management annual meeting, "Convening Leaders," after a day that started at 4 am Eastern time with our dog looking at me like I'm completely insane for being up at that hour and, even worse, not feeding her breakfast at that indecent hour, took me all the way to LA and then back to Vegas (don't ask!).

But I'm here now, all checked in at the press room and the hotel, bags unpacked, and course to the conference center charted (about a 15-minute walk from my room in the West Wing -- I may end up logging more miles here than I did at MPI last year, though today's starting off with a modest 14k or so. So far.)

Updated pedometer count: 18,062 for the day, about 7.4 miles. The worst part is that for the next few days, most of it will be in heels. Aiee!

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