Paying for in-room coffee

In-room coffee pots are on my mind these days, having just (barely) survived an overnight in New York at a hotel that doesn't offer them or have caffeine in the lobby or have an open restaurant at 6 a.m. (I'm too cheap for room service so I didn't even look into that). I had to wander the streets in the dark and misty rain for blocks before stumbling onto a deli that was open and had some go-juice for me.

Anyway...so that's why this post from Chris Eliott caught my eye: A fee for drinking coffee in your room? What’ll they think of next!

The thing that I've been noticing was commented upon by Ed in the comments: "I’ve noticed that the more upscale the hotel, the more nickle and diming you are subjected to…I find that the more affordable hotels are more inclusive!"

Ain't that the truth!

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