Pay for performance, redux

There's some interesting conversation going around about the weird idea I floated a couple days ago: Wouldn’t it be an interesting experiment to offer a conference, and people paid afterward for the amount it was worth to them?

Some people have taken that little question and run with it: Check out these posts (and please drop some comments):

Rich Westerfield's Pay What You Feel

David Gammel's On Marketing and New Conference Models

Rich again, with Pay As You Feel, Part 2

Johnnie Moore chimes in and a commenter says I'm wacky for even posing the question: Six Apart Rocks

Kevin Holland basically says it doesn't matter what Typepad does to make amends, because their product stinks: Typepad is Done, which is an excellent point. If your conference isn't stellar, this idea would sink you so fast your head would spin.

I'm just glad this conversation is happening—even if it'd never fly for conferences, I think the idea is well worth exploring. And yes, I'm a little wacky!

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