Over-the-top hotel amenities: Silly or special?

I was leaning toward the silly side of the spectrum as I read this article about over-the-top hotel service amenities like dog surfing instructors, sleep concierges who help you pick just the right pillow, and people who do things I'm not even sure of, like Ritz Carlton's guacamologist and vibe manager. But then I got to this bit at the bottom and thought, you know, that really is kind of special:

Zoe Kawaguchi recalls her Valentine's Day stay at the Opus. She had wine and her husband's favorite beer delivered to the hotel beforehand. When they arrived, the drinks were chilled, and a framed photo of the couple was on the nightstand. "It was so awesome and professional," she says.

As for me, I'd probably settle for kind and smiling front desk folks and room service that doesn't come with a 25 percent "service charge" markup. Though it would be fun to see someone try to get my Australian Shepherd Mango to surf, seeing as it takes a village just to get her in the tub for a bath...

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