One for the "whoops" file

According to Yahoo! News, if you get Oklahoma's 2005 Annual Events Guide, just chuck it. In addition to grammatical and factual errors, it touted cow-flop throwing at an event in Western Oklahoma, which probably isn't on your attendees' must-do list.

And worse, it also depicted "Civil War re-enactors in Confederate uniforms firing cannons underneath a Confederate battle flag," which could be seriously offensive to some groups. The culprit, as so often they turn out to be, is a former employee (it doesn't say if s/he was disgruntled, but they usually are). The state is recalling all 200,000 of the brochures.

One more example of why you can never proofread your marketing materials too thoroughly, says she who once wrote up a description of an industrial vacuum product that scooped up particulates down to "sex parts per million." Don't let this happen to you!

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