One step forward, two steps back

As someone who's looking forward to attending the Jimmy Buffett concert this Saturday at Great Woods (OK, its name now is "The Tweeter Center," but I can't write that with a straight face), I thought it was a nice touch when I received an e-mail today from the venue thanking me for my business. In part, it said:

    During your upcoming visit please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable. You will find all of our staff eager to help, and you are welcome to visit our Guest Services Kiosks both outside and inside the ticket gates. They are happy to help in any way they can. You can also find comment forms at these locations, if you would like to recognize a staff member for their services or let us know how we can better serve you on your next visit.

    Our guests always come first at the award-winning Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts. Thank you for the opportunity to host and share with you the power and magic of live entertainment.

Stock, but still nice. Then, in a box underneath, it continued:

    This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored or answered.

So they care deeply about me, but not until I'm on site, I guess, since they don't provide any easy way to get in touch before then. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but it made me feel a tad unloved. Oh well, I'll get over it by the time we strap the fin to the roof of the car and don our grass skirts, but I wouldn't tell my attendees how much we will care about them at the meeting, and not give them a way to ask us questions now. Especially if we already had their money.

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