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One more perk of celebrity

I remember reading a while back about some couple who got a company to sponsor their wedding so they could be married for free, but this article from BizBash takes it to a whole other dimension. Corporations are now willing to cough up the bucks to sponsor just about any party a celeb wants to throw, including baby showers! Like they need the money.

A quote from the article: "'The line between corporate and private events is so blurred nowadays. It might seem rude or tacky in other parts of the country, but in L.A. everyone's got something to sell,' says event planner Cara Kleinhaut of Caravents. 'Parties are the perfect way to market it.'"

I can see why, but it just makes me say, "eeew." It's bad enough we're getting product placement in TV shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but at least those folks really need the stuff. Maybe it just bothers me so much because I don't live in L.A., but rather in New England, where it would most definitely be considered "rude or tacky."


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