Omaha for haute cuisine?

Sure, Nebraska has a lot of cows and corn, but when Omaha’s Qwest Center wooed a group of insurance meeting planners recently, they did it with Maryland crab cakes, tempura ahi tuna rolls, and pastry-encrusted brats, according to an article on omaha.com. While the center staff knows they probably don’t have much of a shot as an insurance sales incentive destination, they pulled out all the stops in hopes of landing regional training-education and product roll-out meetings.

Some good quotes from Ken Juel, a Mutual of Omaha executive who’s been very active in ICPA (he now heads up ICPA’s Midwest region).

In other city news: Looks like San Jose is starting to pick up after a tough convention year. And, according to this article, even the mayor is getting involved in bringing more meetings business to the area.

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