OIG's 2007 Work Plan

According to the Pharma Compliance Alert, the Office of Inspector General 2007 Work Plan, released last week, found that despite a large number of False Claim Act investigations currently under way, this year has been relatively quiet when it comes to settlements. From the alert:

    There are at least 150 investigations underway under the False Claims Act and there have been very few settlements this year. Therefore, the big question on everyone's mind is whether the many investigations will be concluded in the coming year, and how their outcomes will effect future settlements, says Wayne Pines, president of regulatory services and healthcare at APCO Worldwide. "Each recent settlement, such as the latest Schering-Plough one, has added interesting new dimensions to the settlement landscape--for example, the Schering settlement included an allegation that the company had falsely communicated to the FDA its intentions to correct previous actions, when in fact it did not do so," Pines says.
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