Occupy movement gets conventional

Now that we're heading toward winter and many of the Occupy movement's encampments are breaking up (or at least being ordered to vamoose), one has to wonder what's next for the occupiers. Perhaps a convention?

Down in Florida, they've already decided that the next logical step is to start a statewide Occupy Florida event called The People's Convention of Florida. This Friday, local delegations are gathering in Orlando to pull together a list of "desired changes that will resonate with any ethical person," according to the Peoples Convention of Florida Web site. Then they'll march on to Tallahassee to present the list to the legislators on January 10. While their venue of choice is still a park—which is more comfortable this time of year in Orlando than Boston—than a ballroom, if the idea spreads from state to state, region to region, and perhaps nationally, they may end up having to move into more conventional meeting space.

Stay tuned...

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