Now this is my kind of meeting break!

Usually, a meeting break consists of little pudgie pies of some kind, coffee and soda, and a lot of standing around and chatting (if you haven't ducked out to check your Blackberry, that is). Today I got a press release from the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, that outlines a break in that break routine that sounds like a whole lot more fun. Even the name is fun: Playground.

They almost lost me when they say they bring the spa to the meeting, but they aren't talking about massages and mud packs. Along with the "15-Minute Seventh-Inning Stretch" and a "Techno-Stress Mini-Massage" to ease our computer-related tensions are some really interesting ideas, like a 30-minute Zumba class (I have become a total Zumba-head over the past year), and Texas Two-Step and hip-hop dance classes, cut down to break sizes. And, of course, yoga and pilates, and other things as well. While these may not sound right for all groups, the hotel offers enough options that I would hope most meetings would at least think about giving attendees who might be into it something different to try.

It makes me wonder what other break options are available out there, and why I've never been to a meeting that took advantage of them?

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