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Is nothing sacred?

Is nothing sacred?

Now available for busy meeting planners who just can't stop working no matter where they are: The Bathroom Super Media system. From the site:

    Keuco visiPad is a splash protected multimedia system for the bathroom that enables all media functions through one easily navigable screen. Just finger-tap on the touchscreen or use the remote, and you can surf Internet while bathing or listen to the radio, talk on the phone, write SMS messages, read the newspaper, listen DVD, CD ... or just have it display a large digital clock, all in the convenience of your bathroom.

And I thought shower radios were still the latest in bathroom technology.

For more just-for-fun goodness, check out Izzy belly dancing to "Dueling Banjos" on YouTube. (Link courtesy of Wired, which has a couple of other banjo-related vids as well. But Izzy just blew me away). I don't know if she does event gigs or not, but this could work for the right crowd.

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