Notes from the road: San Diego

I'm here (finally!) in beautiful San Diego—my first time here since I was a teenager, and the weather alone is knocking me out. With a little time to kill before the opening session of the International Association for Exhibition Management's annual meeting, I should be out grabbing some lunch and enjoying the scenery instead of catching up on e-mail and f2f! And I will. Just a couple of notes about today's travels from Boston to Calif., via Phoenix:

I hate getting up at 3 a.m. (midnight Calif. time) for a flight! 'Nuff said. Wait until Friday when I'm sure I'll whine even more about my red-eye home...

Why oh why does America West have two flights leaving from Phoenix to San Diego within 10 minutes of each other at neighboring gates? If my husband hadn't warned me about this, I likely would have gotten on the wrong flight in my befuddled state.

Hurray for CeeJay, the guy at the front desk of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, who checked me in. I have never had a smoother time or nicer, more professional check-in than I did today. I haven't had a chance to wander around the hotel much yet, but the view of the marina from my window is spectacular! So far, two thumbs up for this place.

P.S. Please bear with me if I take a while to approve comments—I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check in. I promise to try to get to it as quickly as I can, but it's tougher when I'm on the road.

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