Notes from the National Association of Realtors conference

Cindy of AE on the Verge has been at the National Association of Realtors conference in Las Vegas, and she has some great observations for meeting planners. For example:

    To get thousands lined up before doors open for Grand Assembly (featuring Bill Cosby), facility staff had everyone file into holding area outside ballroom in pattern similar to how Disney parks cars - filling single rows at a time. Picture doesn't do justice. When doors opened, no more order, no more rows of people -- and certainly no filing around the room the way we filed in. Claustrophobic merge towards the opening -- seemed dangerous. Made me think that sometimes half a plan can be worse than no plan -- especially if tens of thousands involved.

She also has observations about the Frontier Hotel implosion and meeting Seth Godin (I'm glad I missed the first, jealous about the second), among other musings. Great reading.

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