Not everyone loves evidence-based medicine

Check out this blistering satire in BMJ that compares EBM to a religion.

    Clinicians for the Restoration of Autonomous Practice has written this report and nailed it to the door of the BMJ. We have done this anonymously and under cover of darkness to protect ourselves from retaliation from grand inquisitors in the new religion of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). Our report is based on documents liberated by undercover agents who have successfully infiltrated the EBM movement to uncover the truth about EBM, its hidden agenda, and the shadowy forces behind it. Despite repeated denials by the high priests of EBM that they have not founded a new religion, our report provides irrefutable proof that EBM is, indeed, a full-blown religious movement, complete with a priesthood, catechisms, a liturgy, religious symbols. . .

It s funny as all get out, but also a good reminder of how some feel about EBM. With the current drive toward EBM in CME, how much pushback do you get from physicians on evidence-based CME?

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