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No taxing affair

Really, who wouldn’t want to meet in the Caribbean? Hot venues, cool breezes, and--drum roll please--tax breaks. According to a press release:

    In reports issued by the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Trade Representative, the following countries are considered to be part of the North American area for purposes of claiming deductions for expenses incurred in connection with a convention beginning on or after the date on which the Tax Information Exchange Agreement was signed (indicated below):

    · Aruba (Nov. 21, 2003)

    · Antigua & Barbuda (Feb. 9, 2003)

    · Bahamas (Dec. 31, 2003)

    · Barbados (Nov. 2, 1984)

    · Bermuda (Dec. 1, 1988)

    · British Virgin Islands (April 3, 2002)

    · Cayman Islands (Nov. 27, 2001)

    · Dominica (May 7, 1988)

    · Dominican Republic (Oct. 11, 1989)

    · Grenada (July 12, 1987)

    · Guyana (Aug. 26, 1992)

    · Jamaica (Dec. 17, 1986)

    · St. Lucia (Apr. 21, 1991)

    · Trinidad & Tobago (Feb. 8, 1990)

    As United States territories, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands also fall into the category of tax-deductible meetings destinations.

So, if you’re with a United States-based company, your meeting expenses in these countries and territories are tax-deductible in the U.S. Hey, if you’re heading to Tobago, send me an invite!

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