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No more free pens

According to USA Today, nine states—including my home state of Massachusetts—are considering legislation that would require closer scrutiny of all pharma gifts to physicians. Massachusetts is taking it a step further, with a proposal to ban all gifts to medical professionals. From the article:

    State Sen. George Maziarz, R-N.Y., sponsored a bill to require such reporting after working in an office complex that also housed several doctors.

    "They would show me their gifts: watches, leather jackets, golfing trips," he says. "Someone is paying for that."

    Four states -- Vermont, Minnesota, West Virginia and Maine -- and the District of Columbia have laws requiring gift reporting by drugmakers.

    California requires that drugmakers declare they are compliant with federal and industry gift guidelines.

    "Within a year or two, we may have 20 or 25 states with these restrictions," says Ron Buzzeo, chief regulatory officer at Dendrite International, which advises the pharmaceutical industry and has developed a way firms can track state regulations and requirements.

OK, but who's regulating the regulators?

(Thanks to Pharma Gossip for the pointer.)

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