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The next wave

Family Medicine Notes found an interesting tidbit: Audio Digest is giving away some free MP3 CME programs. S/he says:

When I was a resident - I would listen to an Audio Digest tape every day. I had a 30 minute drive to work .. so .. "Side A" on the way to work and "Side B" on the way home. This was an extraordinary adjunct to my residency education. With a 5 minute commute these days ... I don't do this anymore. Too bad. I enjoyed it. Perhaps with the growing presence of MP3 players .. we'll all get in to this ... and I can do CME on the treadmill at the "Y" ... and of course it makes an ipod tax deductible now .. doesn't it!?

Heh, heh. OK, I'll stop goofing around. I promise I'll get around to writing up some of my Alliance meeting notes this afternoon.

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