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The next moneymaker for the airlines?

Remember not too long ago when I posted about airlines thinking about charging for aisle seats? Well, this satire piece from the Borowitz Report goes one step further: Airlines to Stow Passengers in Overhead Bins: Bold New Strategy to Boost Sagging Revenues.

    “Stowing passengers in the overhead bins should allow us to squeeze a few extra dollars out of every flight, and right now, every extra dollar counts,” said Carol Foyler, a spokesperson for the airlines group. “Plus, since they’ll be stuffed up there for the duration of the flight, we won’t have to give them peanuts.”

Ha! Or maybe it's not so funny after all. While they're not saying where they plan to make the cuts, American plans to cut $1 billion in the next year. OK, I'll take that cozy spot over 24F next to the shopping bag and the carry-on...

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